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can warm weather finally arrive omg.

or at least fucking spring it was 10c last week for one day and now its fucking -18 again

Omg I know right?… im rarely the one that gets tired of winter but now im starting to be real bad. My boyfriend made me notice something, its been since like early november that its been so cold like this. So like almost 5 effing months of this cold shit….I wanna wear leggings again but its too cold!!!! :(((


Cat Burger

What the heck?!?! XD I just cant right now! This is too awesome!


Hey I was just wondering if anyone could message me, this is sort of a last minute advice sort of thing.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m leaving my abusive house in about 14 days and I’m sorta freaking out last minute.

I’ve recieved advice from a few people but my anxiety is making me even worse so it would be nice to have a few reaffirming views on the matter.

Thanks guys <3

Hey Marie :) I guess id say its normal that you’re probably freaking out, cause this is a big change for you of course! Last friday I dyed my hair, which was supposed to be pastel pink but its a long process, that turned out to be hot pink. Idk why I was getting anxious too about it when I was gonna work and school, etc. I guess I was getting worried a bit, but for no reason, cuz I dyed my hair to do it for me, not to impress anyone even if my bf is loving it a lot! :P With all the positive reactions I been getting, even with some mediocre, it gave me a boost of good self esteem :)

Anyways all to say is that yes its normal that you’re feeling like this. You’ve made it this far and you’re sooo close to your final goal and you can do it Marie :D Im sure you’ll feel soooo much better after the days you have left :) Cause like I said this is a big change for you, but a good one :)